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Hair cut -
design cut and finish style.
Mens cut -
wash cut style
Hair vitmin Treatments -
deep penitrating repair and replenishing treatments with blow dry style.
Color one tone -
Solid color design formula with k-pak conditioning system leaves the hair shiney and great.
$75 and up
foil highlites full-head -
all foils includes toning when needed
$110 and up
partial foils highlights -
top of the head crown area cascading down the hair this best for fine hair medum to longer lengths.
Relaxers -
vergin Application ,this includes hair analasis hair advice and protien treament.
$100 and up
Relaxer retouch -
smoothing of two months new growth this includes moisture or protien treatment with regular blow dry style.
$88 and up
Hair Extensions -
this price is based on Consultation
Cornrows -
Basic braid back
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